Klemen Brodej

Web Developer


My name is Klemen and I am a web developer from Slovenia.

Building websites is my hoby but I would like to make a carrer out of it!


Faculty of Computer and Information scienceCurrent Bachelor's degree in computer science

I am aquiring more knowledge at Faculty of Computer and Information science!

Elektro in računalniška šola Velenje2011-2015 Computer Tehnician

I have aquired general knowledge of computer science. I have choosen a Web Development subjects in my final grade. I finished with secondary school certificate with 20 points.

Work experience

FreelancerCurrent CEO

I always find interesting projects to work on. I am always searching online, for instance Github, for projects where I could pitch in my knowledge and share it with people.

Most of the time I get ideas for my own projects from day to day living. If there is a repetitive task that takes long I usually brainstorm solution that would simplify or completly automate it.

Municipality VelenjeMay 2014 [80 hrs] Department of Informatics

My job was to manage existing domain and print servers as well as install new domain server for test purposes. I worked in Windows server 2012 R2. I have aquired advanced skills with group policies and configuring exceptions.

Municipality VelenjeMarch 2013 [80 hrs] Department of Informatics

As a beginer in Computer science my tasks were to clean and maintain computers. I had to check hardware, fix or replace failed parts or upgrade them and I had to install new operating system as well as all other tools that were needed for employees to use during their work. This included configuring operating system to work within domain.

Programing languages

and frameworks

PHP HTML CSS Python Java C# jQuery/JS Podatkovne baze Ruby on rails Laravel NodeJS Future wish! Swift Future wish! Vue Future wish!


Microsoft Office Ubuntu


Image editing Video editing Photographing



is a web based application for creating simple but functional CV's. It uses PHP and MySQL to store and manipulate data. Product at the end is a pdf file. In the database all questions are saved related to that specific CV.

This project was part of my education path. In senior year we had to choose between web dev or desktop dev, I choose web dev. This was my final project, wich at the time I was very proud of. But now I would choose a different way of desiging front-end (UX) but I decided to leave it in first form as it was graded.

Project was hosted online with mail service. With this project I learned a great deal of things included with web hosting and developing in a cloud. I used GitHub for version control and last release was published.

Website S54O

is made in HTML5, CSS3 and PHP7. PHP is mostly used to handle updating content. Request was that updating the content is easy for anyone. I made simple php script that reads .txt file and then produces content for view. PHP is also used to include footer and header.

Renovation of webstie S54O has been made because old website was outdated.



is a java program that verifies intergrity of choosen file and compares it to pasted checksum value.

This project was made because I was not able to explain to my friends and family how to verify intergrity in windows with cmd. So I made this. Lightweight & simple!